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The Network Challenge

Networks are about to change everything. Never since the digitalization of the nineties have our industry and the markets faced such dramatic and inevitable change. What is, on a broader level, known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will leave no stone unturned in an industry where creativity is at its core and where it is all about the relation between man and machine.


In many R&D areas, the way digital products were architected and implemented in the past two or three decades has become a dead end. Both tremendous challenges and tremendous market opportunities are waiting for companies who are ready to utilize the momentum!

In the future, components of commercial system solutions will be distributed in the network for most agile and flexible use. Vice versa, things which connect to the network will be expected to form a seamless solution, enabling new convenient and efficient workflows. However, the complexity to implement a truly agile distributed system is enormous and it is entirely in software space - presenting a potential mismatch with existing expertise within the R&D team.


Here is where we come in.

    Man Machine

    A Truly Agile Network Framework

    When you were to develop a smartphone today you would not bother to start developing your own operating system from scratch - you would use Google’s Android and not tie yourself up in such complexities.

    Our TAN Software Framework (which stands for Truly Agile Network) builds on such popular operating systems (e.g. Android, IOS, Linux, Windows and MacOS) and adds another powerful layer for rapid development of truly agile distributed audio/video/control applications. With our TAN Framework and a bit of our support, you enable your own R&D team to implement a genuinely network distributed product family within time and budget.


    To develop a networked audio product it is not sufficient to only implement media streaming/transport standards such as AVB, Dante or Ravenna for audio. Implementing unit autonomy and control as well as friendly, agile and productive behaviour of a unit in the network is usually the much bigger challenge. TAN provides a complete, neat and easy to use JVM based ecosystem and infrastructure – from a cross-platform and high-performance touch screen toolkit to data persistence across the network, from behaviour and learning models to cloud gateways.


    The biggest single thing which TAN can achieve for you is that deploying and operating your new networked product will be beautifully simple. With all its complexity remaining under the hood, TAN allows you to create simple, focussed and clear workflows when facing the user or customer.

      Natural und Effortless Remote Production
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      A Modular and Scalable Audio Solution

      Based on our TAN platform, we were given the opportunity to develop a hugely powerful distributed digital audio mixing and control solution for Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup (today: SALZBRENNER media GmbH) - the POLARIS evolution system, which has just started shipping (September 2016) to select customers in Theatre markets.


      The POLARIS evolution mixing solution impressively showcases distributed networking done right: with unseen scalability, total agility in deployment and beautifully productive new workflows, POLARIS evolution sets new standards for how you can work with an audio solution and what an audio solution can do for you in the future.


      POLARIS evolution is entirely resource agnostic. A production dynamically allocates resources found in the network. Such resources, like audio processors and IO units can be added or removed dynamically and can even be serving multiple productions at the same time. Productions are being edited by any number of Consoles with multiple UIs and audio monitoring facilities. POLARIS evolution therefore is naturally multi-user and naturally set up for remote production.


      Together with SALZBRENNER media GmbH we are now exploring how POLARIS evolution could be taken into new areas beyond the limits of the international Theatre markets. If you could see your organization becoming a potential partner in marketing and further development of the POLARIS evolution product – you’ll let us know.

        POLARIS evolution by
        SALZBRENNER media GmbH

        Icon What we offer

        What we offer

        We can serve you at multiple levels:

        • If you seek to move your static architecture products and solutions to agile distributed networking, we have a brilliant software framework and plenty of expertise in place for you – empowering your product/solution and enabling your R&D resources to master the challenges of such a grand move.
        • We’re also audio experts: if you seek to integrate and add modular and scalable audio functionality into your product – we can move real quickly and open our treasure chest for you.
        • If you are intrigued to get involved with the most powerful and scalable network distributed audio mixer on the planet, then – together with our partner SALZBRENNER media GmbH – we will love to discuss such opportunity with your organization.
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        Icon Who we are

        Who we are

        Distributed Audio Designs GmbH is a newly formed subsidiary and audio focussed arm of inDSP Technologie GmbH with offices in Germany and India. inDSP again has its roots in CreamWare – the pioneers in PC based audio production from the nineties. We have a long track record of “industry firsts” - spearheading innovations in the audio industry for almost 25 years. For the past 10 years we have been working towards what is known as “IoT” today and are at the very forefront of applying such agile concepts to the world of media production.


        However - at the end of the day, we are engineers. We have no brand, channels or industrial infrastructure to “make it happen” just by ourselves. Now as our initial homework is done, we are ready to seek partners. 

        We need you - your business instinct, your vision and your industrial abilities.

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